Sunday, 27 March 2016

KNITTING Double Dare Jumper

Portmans pants

Another Phildar pattern from a magazine I bought ages ago! I loved this sweater for its very sexy back. Not sure I could pull it off at work though?

I have to say that my colour palette has evolved since I started knitting and lately I have been buying A LOT of neutral tones, that way I can match it with... flowery pants for example!

I only made small changes to the pattern such as the collar knitted in the round vs separately and then sewn (... why?

Yarn is pure wool from Morris & Sons. Now I can't wait for Winter to show up ;)

Had a little bit of fun below striking some yoga poses!


You can find the French pattern in this catalogue (Phildar numero 113).


Saturday, 19 March 2016

KNITTING Tomato Sauce Jumper


Photos took about 5 years ago in Paris near Odeon -
I followed a Phildar pattern from a catalogue probably not available anymore... If there is any demand from it I can probably translate it from French. Beware, the sleeves are deceiving and took longer than the body to knit!


Just getting rid of a few items >>>> here <<<<

Sunday, 1 November 2015


Hi everyone, just a quick intro in this first post... I have been blogging about crafty stuff for a few years in French and have now decided to start over a second blog in English - since I am about to become an Australian citizen! There will be some blast from the past on there but also articles about my new hobbies and passion (including but not limited to sewing, acrobatic yoga, knitting, roller derby,...) My friend Elena will also be writing about our wonderful city Sydney, travel, and food... A very ecclectic and fun place. Hope you like it...